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About Us

Luneta d.o.o. is a family company. The company was founded with the aim of building a most modern hen farm in Croatia. Construction works began in March 2012., and were completed in October the same year.
Considering the benefit of laying hens, they roam freely inside two hen houses. This gives them the freedom to fly and to behave naturally, to scratch the litter that covers the entire floor, to spend their nights sleeping on high perches above the ground like a birds do in nature, and they lay their eggs in nests. Eggs are collected automatically by conveyor belt to packing center which is located within the farm.
Another thing that is very important is controlled production in order to guarantee the highest quality of our products. Eggs are packed without human contact what guarantees hygienically safe products. Packed eggs are stored in the cooling area within the packing center, where they are kept at controlled temperature. Fresh eggs are transported in refrigerated trucks to retail stores.
Eggs are labeled with number 2, which means that eggs are produced in cage free production (barn eggs). Awarded certificates guarantee the highest quality standards.

Luneta d.o.o.
Trg slobode 6
42230 Ludbreg
Tel: +385 98 1770 745
Fax.: +385 42 306 215