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Highest quality standards

ISO 9001/22000

Management system in the company Luneta d.o.o. is qualified and it meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005. This is confirmed with certificates given by the QS Zurich AG for the Production of fresh barn eggs.

ISO 9001:2008 is an international standard related to quality management. In order to retain existing customers and build partnerships with potential new customers we continuously monitor managing processes, quality of our egg production and the satisfaction of our customers.
ISO 22000:2005 is the first international standard for the implementation of the food safety system. This standard covers the interactive communication, system management and risk management. Its key elements are prerequisite programs, HACCP principles, communications (internal and external) and general elements of system administration. Health safety and food safety in recent years have become unconditional request, and this standard confirms that in our production of eggs health safety is at the highest level.


In addition to the ISO standards, HACCP system is verified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Veterinary Administration. The HACCP system is a logical, scientifically based process control system of production and distribution of food products, which ensures:
1. Identification and assessment of all potential hazards, i.e. any physical, chemical or microbiological hazards in all stages
2.  Determination of the necessary measures for their prevention and control
3. Ensuring the implementation of measures in an effective manner
The implementation of the HACCP system in the whole process of egg production up to distribution guarantees the safety of fresh eggs.

KAT certificate

KAT certificate is a certificate mainly used in Germany which is awarded for alternative systems of keeping laying hens. One of the alternative ways of keeping hens that implies that hens are not in cages is barn system which is implemented in Luneta d.o.o. KAT certificate was gained by Luneta d.o.o. for two hen houses where hens are not kept in cages. KAT number is HR/0164. Egg packing center is also certified by KAT number HR-2969. KAT certificate is highly respected on the market of the European Union because it proves that the welfare of laying hens and health safety are priority in the production of eggs. Traceability of produced eggs is easily accessible at all times, and also it is evident where the eggs are distributed.

IFS certificate

IFS certificate - IFS Standards are developed for and through all involved parties in the supply chain, which would like to use uniform standards to ensure safety and quality of food and non-food products and related services.
IFS Standards help to comply with all legal food and non-food safety and quality requirements and give common and transparent standards to all concerned suppliers and service providers as well as a concrete and strong answer to the high safety and quality expectations of customers.
IFS is a food safety and quality standard in one. The IFS has been developed to inspect the competence of food producers in food safety and in quality.

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